• 15 Jun 2021

    How to set up your own "EU City Facility" - Guidebook

    eucf guide benefitsThe EU City Facility (EUCF) provides financial and technical support to cities and towns in developping an investment concept for local sustainable energy.Could this model be replicated at national or regional level?

    In a guidebook published just last week, Energy Cities explains why and how this model should be replicated to set up your own EUCF at regional or national level!

    A City Facility is both a pool of financial and technical experts to support local governments when designing a project and a grant allocation mechanism to give them the resources to describe their investment needs. It bridges the gap between the many wonderful ideas emerging at the local level and the existing funding streams to support their development by joining the world of finance and cities.

    >> "EUCF - Guide to set up your own city facility" [download]