• 09 Dec 2019
    09:00 - 18:00


    Organiser: Others

    SSPCR 2019 specifically wants to support the ‘transposition’ of research into practice and visionary approaches into (planning) policies and tools, to be applied by local authorities and decision-makers in an urban and regional context. SSPCR 2019 explores the impact of academic research, the scaling-up and replicability opportunities of pilot projects, and the added value of local bottom-up initiatives, in relation to complex challenges posed by the smart city/region approach.

    Join the 3rd edition of the International Conference on Smart and Sustainable Planning for Cities and Regions – SSPCR 2019 to:

    • Discover how cities and regions are evolving into living labs, i.e. open innovation ecosystems
    • Explore processes and procedures of co-creation, which integrate public, private, research and civil society actors
    • Contribute to the conference’s overall aim of shaping means of increasing the quality of life in smart cities and smart regions

    SSPCR 2019’s theme – unfolding in different thematic tracks which address specific topics – has the objective of providing participants with a comprehensive overview of recent and original work in the field and to build up shared knowledge among researchers, professionals, decision makers and civil society.

    SSPCR 2019 warmly welcomes contributions from different research fields: urban and regional planning, environmental and social sciences, economics, transportation, engineering and energy-related studies, computer science and geomantic as well as from the professional community. Alongside oral and poster presentations, European and international urban research projects are especially invited to present their results at SSPCR 2019, to foster the dissemination of innovative approaches and related case examples.

    SSPCR 2019 – a high-level international platform for communication between academics, researchers, professionals and decision-makers – is the right place to present your latest ideas, experiences and findings, and to share your thoughts in a friendly atmosphere. Delegates will also be offered the opportunity of meeting research and cooperation partners and of discussing future project ideas on smart and sustainable planning of cities and regions.

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