• 14 Dec 2021
    20:30 - 21:30

    The AltoVicentino Mayors Adapt Strategy

    Organiser: Others

    The LIFE BEWARE project will present the result of the participatory process: The AltoVicentino Mayors Adapt Strategy.

    The Strategy is part of the activities of the Life Beware project, and it is the answer to the needs identified by those who live in the AltoVicentino territory (the northern area of Vicenza). It foresees concrete and effective actions and interventions to further the territory’s adaptation to future intense or extreme climatic events (e.g., floods, storms, droughts, etc.). The initiatives have been imagined and developed by a diverse group of people - students, professionals, technicians, and administrators, through a participatory process that lasted a couple of years.

    In order to maximize synchronicity between the Life Beware Project and the European Covenant of Mayors, the project has in fact promoted an integrated approach through which the actors involved have co-designed adaptation measures related to the theme of climate change, in accordance with the requirements foreseen by the European Covenant of Mayors.

    The event will be a unique opportunity to further discuss this process of co-creation and the issue of climate change mitigation and adaptation, which regards all social groups.

    The event, which will be held in Italian, will be free of charge and open to everyone. It will be held online on the Zoom platform, therefore registration for the event is required via the link https://bit.ly/BewarePAzione.